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Couples Therapy

Are you feeling stagnant in life? Are you struggling with memories from past experiences or relationships? Begin your individual counseling journey today to find healing and new meaning in your life. Below are some of the issues individuals bring to therapy:

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Therapy for Communication Problems

“My relationship is the hardest job I’ll ever love”. Relationships can be a source of complete happiness and warmth while also sometimes functioning as a source of stress and disappointment. Often these experiences are influenced by how well (or not well) communication is flowing between partners. Couples therapy for communication can help you develop a better vocabulary for conflict resolution while creating an understanding of triggers for arguments and disconnect. Couples engaging in therapy can expect a therapist who listens, provides exercises to accomplish goals, and remains a neutral party as couples solidify their teamwork. 

Therapy for Parents

Parenting is demanding. As couples face the challenging job of being their child’s teacher, caregiver, and leader, they are balancing their child’s needs with the needs of their relationship and partner. Therapy for parents can address issues such as differences in parenting expectations, managing household tasks, relationships with extended family, and navigating intimacy.

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Therapy for Parents Preparing to Adopt

Preparing for adoption is often a roller coaster ride filled with excitement, anxiety, and relief. Parents can benefit from having a space to explore the potential of who their family will be and establish tools needed for supporting their adoptee(s). Preadoption sessions are similar to premarital therapy and couples can expect to engage in 3-7 sessions focused on exploring the adoptive family life cycle, addressing changes in family roles, and identifying supports for children’s and family’s needs.

Therapy for Recently Engaged or Married Couples

Premarital therapy is done using the Prepare/Enrich program. Couples can expect to participate in 5-7 sessions of premarital counseling. Sessions focus on the couple’s goals as well as growth areas identified through the couple’s relationship assessment.

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