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Family Counseling

Whether you’re facing challenges with your family of origin or family of choice, as your family therapist, we are here to allow voices be heard; and then collaborate to develop a healthier and happier family dynamic. Entering therapy with your loved ones can seem exciting (or daunting); with counseling, we help families discover new ways of interacting, process old memories, and reconnect. Family therapy can be helpful in addressing:

Communication Issues
Adolescent Challenges 
Childhood Abuse

Grief & Loss
Attachment issues between parent and child

Happy Family
Family Portrait

Family Therapy

Family therapy is an effective tool for improving communication, confronting challenges, and processing trauma that has happened in the family. Family therapy consists of all household members attending sessions. At our office, we use a variety of tools to help families grow including art, music, games, and exercises to try at home. 

Therapy for Adolescents and Parents

Teens are amazing in their ability to think critically, be creative, and begin creating their own sense of self. They can also be really challenging as they push limits, question adults, and try new things. Therapy is a helpful tool in repairing or building the bridge between adolescents and their caregivers. Families with adolescents often seek therapy when communication is strained, rules are being broken often, their teen’s mental health is declining, and/or needing to process a recent event or trauma.

Mother Daughter Portrait

Therapy for Adults and their Parents

Therapy for adult children and their parents can offer healing and the possibility of creating a new relationship after spans of strife and/or trauma. Family therapy can address old trauma wounds, communication issues, boundaries, grief/loss, and expectations of grandparents. If you are an adult and struggling with your parents, reach out to us today to see how therapy can help.

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