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Support Groups

You should participate in group therapy if:

You are looking to build a community with like-minded people

Appreciate hearing about other experiences similar to yours

Want to do something in addition to therapy to support your healing

Are on a waitlist to receive therapy and need support while waiting*

Learn more about our current groups below

Support Groups at Ase Therapy Services
Couple Dancing
Group Therapy Services
Family with Tablet

Asé Caregiver and Me Circles

Caregiver and Me circles are designed to teach families simple tools for growing and enhancing their relationship with their children. 


This group is great for caregivers who want to 

  1. Improve their child's self-esteem

  2. Help their child with feelings 

  3. Teach their child to follow instructions with creative and fun exercises

  4. Better understand how their child's brain works

Groups are hosted in-person and virtually

This group is currently paused. If you're interested in joining the next group or having your local organization or school host a series, please complete the our interest form

Adult Adoptee Support Group

As an ally to the adoptive community, our practice hosts a virtual support group for Adult Adoptees.


Group meets twice a month from 1pm-2pm EST. 


Interested folks can register here

Taking Notes during a Virtual Meeting
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