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Individual Counseling

Are you feeling stagnant in life? Are you struggling with memories from past experiences or relationships? Begin your individual counseling journey today to find healing and new meaning in your life. Below are some of the issues individuals bring to therapy:

Childhood Trauma
Career Counseling
Men’s Issues

Life Transitions
Trauma and PTSD
Women’s Issues

Therapy Services at Ase Therapy Services
Michelle Collins, Founder of Ase Therapy Services
Black Women
A Young Woman Writing

Therapy for Black Women

Black Women deserve a safe space to discuss their needs and goals. At Asé, providers meet with Black women to process childhood trauma, relationships, racial trauma, work stress, and self-esteem. Therapists at Asé are intentional in meeting Black women where they are and offer gentle and encouraging guidance to support Black women’s desired growth

Black Men

Therapy for Black Men

Black Men can benefit from therapy too. For too long, Black men have faced traumas of the world without proper support. Therapy can offer a soft landing for Black men to discuss stress management, relationships, traumatic experiences, and personal goals. The Asé team works at the client’s pace in discussing issues while challenging clients to consider how their current actions are supporting their goals. 

A Young man wearing headphones
Image by Hillshire Farm

Therapy for Working Moms

Therapists at Asé can provide the empathic, solution-focused, non-judgmental space that can be crucial for working moms’ mental health. 

Therapy for Generational Wounds

The challenges that plague us have been experienced by other family members. Whether it’s mental health, communication issues, or conflict management skills, we learn from our environment. Our practice offers customized therapeutic interventions to support family systems and individuals in healing generational wounds (curses) and learning different skills to pass down to current and future generations.

Black and White Portrait
Curse Breakers
Couple Showing Affection

Therapy for LGBTQIA+

The providers at Asé recognize the importance of people bringing their whole selves into therapy. Asé supports couples in same-sex relationships, queer individuals, folks who are exploring their gender expression, and people determining their sexuality.

Therapy for Emergency Responders

Emergency responders are met with difficult experiences day in and day out. Whether it’s confronting trauma or navigating work/life balance in a demanding job, therapy can be a helpful tool for increasing job satisfaction and overall performance. If you are an emergency responder seeking support you can expect your therapist to, be capable of hearing stories about what you see on the job, provide useful tools for managing internal challenges, and hold you accountable for creating the habits you want.  

Friendly Young Doctor
Emergency Responders
Image by Tachina Lee

Therapy for Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is defined as an event where you doubt your skills, talent, or accomplishments and believe that you are in fact a fraud waiting to be exposed. This mindset can interfere with your self-esteem, mood, and overall functioning. It’s time for you to begin therapy to replace those negative thoughts and create a mindset that serves and affirms you.

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