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Diamond-Ariya Mazie

M.S. Clinical Intern, Syracuse University

Diamond-Ariya Mazie is a Chicago native and is the youngest sibling of three. She also grew up in a single-parent household. Two words to describe her are optimistic and community-oriented. She is a Marriage and Family Therapy graduate student at Syracuse University and completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Howard University. Diamond-Ariya is passionate about representing the black community as a therapist within the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. She plans to assist her community in becoming comfortable in accepting therapy as a helpful resource to reach healthy levels of self-awareness while gaining awareness around their unique family dynamic, family system, and family roles. Diamond-Ariya has a passion for advocacy and strongly believes in community support. She has substantial experience working with at-risk youth, incarcerated youth, and children with self-injurious behaviors and intellectual disabilities. Diamond-Ariya is gaining specialized training to provide resources and services to marginalized populations. Diamond-Ariya's hobbies are reading, writing, and traveling. She loves tea, architecture, fashion, art, and trying new cuisines from various cultures.

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